Dr. Nicole Folland, Ph.D. is a mental performance consultant who specializes in the mental training of aspiring, elite & professional athletes of all ages.

Dr. Folland has experience working with a wide variety of high performance sports including hockey, soccer, swimming, golf, tennis, rowing, lacrosse, dance, field hockey, equestrian disciplines, among others.

Dr. Folland is passionate about wellbeing, performance enhancement and professional development. She has helped a multitude of athletes at the Olympic, professional, NCAA/College, high school and middle school level push their boundaries and reach their dreams.


Parenting a High Performing Athlete

In the world of youth sport, we often overlook the fact that mental skills, like physical skills need to de developed, trained and practiced. Critically, the foundation for these mental skills is often laid in the childhood and early adolescent years. By teaching your child about topics such as the mind-body connection, the pressure involved in high performance sports, how to control thought patterns, and how to become self-aware and communicate effectively you will help them develop a sense of grit and resilience in sport and life. 

As a parent, you have the opportunity to shape and enhance your child's mental skills. By gaining a better understanding yourself of what mental performance means and how fundamental it is to sport and life, you can help foster the positive development of your child's mental and physical health.

"Not only did working with Dr. Folland give me the skills to help my child handle intense and competitive situations with ease, it helped us as parents transform our own mindset and attitude to lead by example." T. K.

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